YWAM Joins Churches in Helping our Neighbours – By Abi Kelly

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Abi Kelly is on the current DTS- on outreach in PNG!

Youth Street had the privilege of participating in ‘Neighbour to Neighbour’, an event designed to help out those in need within the local community. The event focussed on assisting the elderly and disabled; groups that teenagers often do not have the opportunity to spend time with.

The crew (youth that attend Youth Street) were full of energy and excitement for the day ahead, and were allocated into teams to attend different houses. The team I was assisting gathered gardening tools and supplies, and headed to a house a few streets from the YWAM centre.

The elderly lady who greeted us needed assistance with the upkeep of her garden; an activity that had become too strenuous for her to do on her own.

The crew got stuck in to the task at hand, pouring in one hundred percent of their effort, even to the point of suffering green ant bites to get the job done. Their valiant effort was so appreciated and they felt rewarded by the happiness imparted to the lady in need. She was delighted at the improvement of her garden and that she had connected with some of the crew and leaders.

This was a fantastic opportunity for building relationships within the community, and break through generational barriers. The crew were able to see how a little bit of labour invested towards those in need can truly transform lives and change the culture of community.

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