Working hard to get accommodation facility up & running for Townsville flood disaster

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Our team of volunteers have been working around the clock to get an accommodation facility up and running in the wake of a flooding disaster that hit our city, Townsville, last week.

Over 1 metre of rain fell in a week, making it the worst flooding disaster in our city’s history. Over 1,000 homes have been deemed severely damaged or completed unliveable – it has been a devastating time for many people.  

The YWAM campus is located on higher ground and was not affected, enabling our team to help those who have been impacted by the flooding in a range of ways.

Just as the rain started two weeks ago, YWAM Townsville took over a property (a former Salvation Army recovery centre) just 250 metres from our campus! 

The property has 32 rooms, and a large warehouse – all in a prime location in the CBD. The vision is to utilise the property as a youth precinct that will serve thousands of local young people; helping to create safe place where young people can grow and thrive.  

In the interim, the facility will be utilised for medium-term accommodation for those that need emergency housing and for teams of workers who are flying in to assist with the clean up.

Our volunteers have been jumping in with painting, cleaning, and repairs to help get the facility up and running so that it can be of service to the city. As of today, the facility is now ready to provide accommodation for those that need it.

It is wonderful to be a part of carrying on the property’s legacy of serving the community; this is just the beginning of more to come!


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