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Words have a way of lingering in your inner thoughts at times, whether good or bad.


I don’t remember being self-conscious much as a child. I rocked my cowboy boots, my hat and braids, and I didn’t worry much what people thought. I do remember in middle school a classmate informing me that I had big arms. I grew up in the country and worked outside a lot, I was strong. But he wasn’t talking about strength, he was calling my arms fat. If I’m being honest, there are other parts of my body that bother me but until that moment, I never took much notice of my arms.


I spent the next 13 or more years being self-conscious about them. His words echoed in my head every time summer came around. I hid my insecurities and found ways to make my style my own without adding in tank tops or dresses that would show them off. When I hit my mid-20’s I had finally lost a little weight and began working out. I felt strong again, but his words were still there. I would buy tanks and dresses only to have them be thrown back in the closet after trying them on in front of the mirror.


At some point, I decided to love my arms again, regardless. To choose to feel great in the clothes that I liked and forget the swirling thoughts in my head that held me back from just being me. Today, I wore a tank top to a cook-out and I never thought twice about it until I got home to jump in the shower. I turned and caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and remembered what he had said. I smiled, got in the shower and got ready for bed. His words had a lot of power for a while, but today I am thankful that it’s faded.

I now work for a local news company in my hometown. The world of news and media is hard and is often filled with “bad news” from day to day. I see the rapid movement of media and how it’s used to share the news across the globe.  My job is to tell every story without bias, the whole truth, with only facts and without emotion. As a Christian, I know that part of my purpose on this earth is to “share the Good News.” I can see in my job how big of a responsibility this is, and I don’t take it lightly. It holds me accountable for my job and in my personal relationships.


I’ve been given a gift and a platform to share powerful stories with hundreds of thousands of people, every single day. Today, I was reminded of that boy and his words. How powerful one small statement was and how big of an impact it made in my life. I think about how one person could impact me, and now I have the ability to impact so many. The world of media is something our generation should be grateful for, and also incredibly careful with. “With great power, comes great responsibility.”


As Christians, I think it’s crucial to be ahead of this movement. To learn how to use media and the world of communications to speak the truth, to share the stories that matter, and the stories that impact the masses. Media has opened the door to the globe, it’s now easier than ever to reach the unreached. As Christians, what are we waiting for? We have the platform to impact the nations, and you’re likely reading this on a device that can help do it. 😊

Lea Emerson

Alumni DTS and Staff Member for 5 years, Lea, is a bright ambitious young woman from Paris, Texas, USA. She’s an excellent leader, teacher, communicator, and one of the best story tellers you’ll ever get the privilege of hearing from! She enjoys coffee, being with good company, and watching documentaries.

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