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What’s so bad about home? What happened to make you want to leave? What would make you stay here? What would make you change your mind? Well it’s time I let you in on the secret, the answer you’ve all been waiting for…..Nothing.


Picture this, you’re in the starting blocks, heart racing, adrenaline pumping, hoping you don’t trip. “On your marks, get set, GO!” You run with everything you have, leaving it all on the track, pushing forwards. But why? We don’t watch athletes sprinting around the track, think and quote, “What an idiot, there’s nothing chasing them.” Instead we stand on the side lines cheering them on, because this is what they have been training for. This is the result of hard nights in the gym, long runs in the rain and a diet most of us are grateful we don’t have to follow. Now that sounds like a lot of work to me, as someone who understands that exercise is a sacrifice I have to make in order to eat more cake. But for some it’s the pursuit of hopes and dreams, to stand on the podium, a champion, knowing this is what I was made for.


For most of us this is something we can understand a little, we move ten minutes down the road for a new job, or even across the country for our education. But half way around the world? That seems a little too much. You see, my life was pretty good. As my university graduation approached I finally had things sorted, I had amazing friends, a great church, supportive family and was about to graduate in a city that was now home. I’d even registered at a doctor’s office! If I’m honest I had no reason to leave. Could I have stayed and been happy? Probably. But God gave me a proposition. Sometimes you have to push the pause button something you love to fall in love with something else.


That’s when it hit me, I could go about my life, get a regular job and do all the things you’re ‘supposed’ to do and be happy. Yet, I would not be living to my full potential. I didn’t know what my life could be because I never tried to live it differently. I had only ever been training for one event. The truth of the matter is simple, God made me with a purpose and He called me to live a little differently. He asked me to fall in love with the lost, to care for orphans, and to fight for life and so I did. I took a step into the unknown and was met by something greater than I could have ever asked for. My life is full. It’s full of tiny islander hands that grasp mine to walk home, and it’s full of young people finding freedom and purpose. It’s full of healing, restoration and hope. It’s full of love, that love is Jesus and He chose to use me. It’s not always easy to leave home, even missionaries hate goodbyes sometimes and that’s okay, because it’s not that we are running from something, but TO someone greater.

Verity Butt
Verity, is from England and has been on staff here with us for a year and a half! She enjoys snowboarding, baking, tea, and watching England play rugby. She has a passion for helping people discover their potential, and medical missions. Verity actually completed a Discipleship training School in Uganda!
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