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I’ve journaled for most of my life – I remember sitting at the desk in my room as a thirteen-year-old and writing out what happened during my day. It wasn’t deep or profound (at all!) Perhaps it was more of a diary than a journal, but it soon became a habit and eventually merged into a way of helping me deal with life’s challenges.  

I’m drawn to it for a few reasons; the first reason is that I’m an introvert and it has become my way of processing, and secondly, I enjoy keeping some sort of a record of my life – looking back at certain times in my life helps me see answered prayers and how far I’ve come. It brings me perspective. Most importantly though, it helps me communicate with God. Most of my journaling is prayers – laying out things before the Lord and writing down what I’m sensing from Him as I write. 

I remember during my DTS there was a teacher that shared about how God is all-knowing – he knows our thoughts better than we do, but he also loves it when we share things with Him. Isn’t it so touching when a friend confides in us? When they choose to trust us with their thoughts and feelings? I wonder how much God is drawn to us when we share our lives with him – our vulnerabilities, insecurities and challenges, and also our joys and hope. 

For the past year or so, journaling has been harder. I was finding that I was putting a filter on everything I wrote as if someone else was going to read it – or that maybe what I was writing was too small and unimportant when it came to communicating with the creator of the universe. And sometimes I just simply went to journal not even knowing what to say, then I felt guilty – why had this become so hard?


Whether you’re experiencing journaling-block as I have or you’ve never tried journaling, here is something that may help. 


As I was tapping through my Instagram stories recently, a girl shared that she just started doing three “morning pages.” She spends every day writing three pages in her journal on whatever comes to mind, no matter how small or silly, or intense and deep – it has become her way of clearing her mind.  

I gave it a go. 

I’ve now been doing my “morning pages” for the past three weeks. I just write whatever comes to mind. I don’t put a filter on it and I don’t stop until those three pages are filled.

And I’ve been amazed at what’s come out on paper. Thoughts that have been so good to get out of my head. And as I’ve been writing out the thoughts, God has been speaking and giving me revelation – sometimes he speaks so much that I feel like I can’t keep up with writing it down.

It’s like this dialogue has opened up – and my spirit has come alive.

He’s brought truth, he’s brought perspective, he’s encouraged me, convicted me, directed me to scripture, he’s shown me what to pray. 


And it has been more than just having 30 minutes of clarity – it has affected the rest of my day. My mind is less burdened, I’m more in tune to his voice, and I have a greater understanding of what he’s doing in my life and what he’s teaching me.  

Now I know that journaling isn’t for everyone. Some people are just not wired to write every day, and that’s okay. You do you 🙂  

But if there’s anything at all about journaling that sparks something in you, I challenge you to try morning pages. 

See what comes to mind, see what lands on paper, see what God speaks. No filter, just you. Just you and God.


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