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When you propose to someone it is an act of devotion. Your heart is aligned to that someone and no other. When you accept Jesus Christ as your saviour it is also an act of devotion. Your heart is set on Jesus Christ and no other. For me, getting married and doing a Discipleship Training School was my act of devotion to my wife and to God. Setting our marriage before God and devoting the new season of our lives to Him. It was no easy task preparing for a wedding and Discipleship Training School, one after the other. There were financial hurdles, accommodation issues, travel struggles, scheduling nightmares and lots of different people to communicate between. Yet despite being short tens of thousands of dollars, unsure about where to go or where to stay and demands comings from all directions, it all worked out. God surely had a hand in our circumstances and made seemingly impossible ends meet. Now, Lee and I are married and sliding head first down the waterslide in learning about God and about one another.

Boy, oh, boy… I can’t say I want to go through the preparation again, but I can say that this time right now is building an unbelievably deep connection between God, Lee, and myself that I’m not sure I would have experienced if not for this adventure. From the profound teachings we receive in lectures, to the humble duties we serve in around campus, Lee and I have so many opportunities to grow in living out our faith. Even during times of conflict, we have the opportunity to choose to prefer the other and viscerally experience the struggle of showing love when the other does not. It is both healing and humbling to be faced with these inevitable challenges, yet have God at our side. Our weaknesses were revealed to one another and we now know better to cover where the other is weak than to poke at the weaknesses and cry out for change. I would love to see more married couples (and newlyweds!) do a Discipleship Training School together. Although, it probably isn’t suited for everyone to do one right after getting married, but I can strongly recommend it … and thank God for it!

Eric Liu

Eric is from Sydney, Australia and was with us for his DTS in July 2018! He enjoys playing the cello and loves anything digital, especially games. Eric has a passion for solving meaningful problems with technology and care.

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