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“Go to all the world.”


When I first read that I should go to all the world to share about my faith I was a little overwhelmed. When I think about the context of this statement it may not mean that every person has to go to the entire world, but rather a movement of believers reaching the world together. In Bible times this probably seemed impossible, but now the world is full of opportunity and the power of communication is closing the gap.


The world of media has connected every country, it has closed the gap in cultures and has the power to bring influence in every sphere imaginable.


As the old saying goes, “with great power, comes great responsibility.” The power that media holds should be treated with respect and handled carefully. Imagine what it would be like to empower an entire generation with the tools necessary to meet every people group on earth? Wow.


A six-month Discipleship Training School (DTS) is all about building your foundations in your faith, relationships, and character, and if you’re anything like me, it will launch you into a career path where work becomes so much more than a job – but rest and worship to God. After my DTS, followed by more than five years on staff with YWAM, I am now working full-time in the area of mass media and communications. I’ve fallen in love with the power of social media, videography and the ability to use media to connect a very big world.


Weather it’s photos, video, radio, journalism or blog writing, the world of media is the fastest moving and most successful way to share stories that matter with the entire globe. Media & Radio DTS – the best way to blend your passion, work, fun and faith into a six-month life-changing experience.


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Lea Emerson
Lea Emerson

Alumni DTS and Staff Member for 5 years, Lea, is a bright ambitious young woman from Paris, Texas, USA. She’s an excellent leader, teacher, communicator, and one of the best story tellers you’ll ever get the privilege of hearing from! She enjoys coffee, being with good company, and watching documentaries.


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