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For most people, post-graduation can be a time you’re feeling a lot of pressure from those around you. This can come in many different ways, from many different people including peers, friends and family.

It can be easy to fall into the trap of making other’s voices louder than your voice (or even God’s voice!) Maybe you feel like you want to pursue a certain path that others don’t approve of or understand? Or you feel a specific calling on your life from God that’s difficult to express?

Or maybe you want to go ‘against the grain’ and take some time off before going to Uni. 


We all want to know what God is saying to us, and make His voice the loudest in our lives. But discerning the voice of God can seem complicated. He doesn’t always speak in ways we would like, or in words we want/expect to hear.

But He is good, He is faithful and He does want the BEST for us (even more than we want for ourselves!) He is always available and wanting to speak to us, and all we need to do is position our hearts correctly to hear from Him.

Be willing to hear and know that His guidance and direction is better than any plan we could ever think up!  


At YWAM, we are all about encouraging young people to hear God’s voice. We want to champion you to step into God’s calling on your life, and not settle for what others think you should/shouldn’t do. His direction is the best you could take! 

A YWAM experience can be a life-changing and monumental moment in your life. We provide you with time and space to learn to recognise and listen to God’s voice, learn His word and discover the unique call God has on your life. 


So, we want to encourage you to take some time to quiet your heart before God and let Him guide you into the next step. Practice making His voice the loudest in your world, and let Him be the One you follow. 



*If you’re reading this, wondering, “What do they mean – hear God’s voice?” I want to tell you that I’ve been there. But here’s the thing-

God’s voice isn’t something that you haven’t heard before- I’m serious! You aren’t discovering a new audible voice you’ve never heard, but rather learning to recognize that some of the thoughts you have, some of the peace you feel, the urge to read a certain scripture or encourage someone, comes from God! It can take time, but don’t give up- He is speaking. He has been, and always will! We just need to tune in and learn to recognise it.

It sounds daunting, may sound unrealistic or “not for you,” but it is! And if you give it a go, you just might be surprised with what unfolds. 

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