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There are many different scenarios for doors, or opportunities, that close throughout our lifetimes. One that I know I’ve experienced, is the segway from high school to what feels like the rest of my life. Big decisions, hard decisions, some that we make and some that are made for us! One of those is college. At this point, Uni applications have come and gone, and you may have just discovered that you didn’t get accepted into the course you’d always dreamed of… WHAT NOW!? Take a deep breath. It’s okay.

There are alternative ways to enter into the field you love and have been gifted in! And you know what the BEST part is? None of it takes God by surprise! In Psalm 139, we are told that God knew every single day of our lives before we were even born. Your Plan B may be God’s Plan A! If you have found yourself in this situation and have come to a bit of a crossroads…

we wonder whether you might consider YWAM? Our program is a time of personal and spiritual growth, adventure, developing lifelong friendships, learning, serving and going on outreach. We believe a YWAM experience is a purpose-filled time, which can help you figure out your ‘next step’. I know for me, that was definitely the case. Over my time here, I’ve discovered my passions and I now know a better direction and way to enter into that field! I started out confused, unsure and disappointed in some of my closed doors (like uni/college), but DTS was a door that I am so glad opened. And I’m not the only one! We’ve had countless students come through DTS who are in limbo between graduation and college. They’ve used this as a time to rediscover their passions, reroute their steps and be projected into their future! So, don’t let a college rejection hold you back from embracing God’s plan for your life! There is another open door! Choose your YWAM adventure today!

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