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Hi everyone!

Our July DTS has been on outreach for two weeks now and we have already heard back from them some simply amazing stories! New Zealand team visited a local church in New Zealand where we were invited to lunch with the congregation to the pastor’s home. They enjoyed the fellowship and built relationship with the community there. They also had their first visit to a local high school and gave a presentation to promote next year’s ship tour and, that evening, were able to organize youth group program to share as well.

The team was also scheduled to present at an All Boy’s School and talk about the ship tour at a school assembly. After the assembly, the chaplain invited the group of them to lunch where they learned of his wife who worked with a special needs program. Later that day, they went with the chaplain’s wife to help with the program where they had fun playing arts and crafts with the people there.

The team has plans to travel throughout the south island of New Zealand in the next 4 weeks. It will truly be exciting to see what all God has in store for them. Keep them in prayers as they travel.

We have also heard back from the team in PNG. This is what they had to say:

“Greetings from Team PNG!

We’ve been doing lots of children’s programs in a village called Karta this week. Every day, around 70 kids have been showing up and we’ve been so well received. Many of the villagers are Christian here, but there’s always a cry for discipleship. We’re having a great time encouraging the kids and their families to go deeper in their faith.

The team is getting along well and enjoying outreach so far. We have a nice place to stay here and we’ve all been excited to have showers everyday and clean laundry . . . Oh, the little blessings that we don’t take for granted here!

One of the highlights from this last weekend was getting to visit the family of a 16-year-old boy that was accidentally killed in a drunken brawl last week. There’s been some unrest recently between the mountain clan and the coastal clan and the death of this boy is a very tender subject among the villagers. It’s the talk of the town right now, so to be able to go and minister to, and pray for, this boy’s family was a huge privilege.

Later this week we hope to go to another nearby village called Mei. It should be a great adventure considering they have yet to send a YWAM team there until now. Please pray for continued health, ministry opportunities, and our trip to Mei.”

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