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Our first outreach adventure began early last Sunday. My team of 9 stumbled out of bed at 5 in the morning, then hit the road just after 6. We were on our way from the YWAM Townsville campus to Wujal Wujal, a remote Aboriginal community right near the tip of Australia. During the 10 hour journey, we followed the road along the North Queensland coast – the Great Barrier Reef to the right of us, and tropical rain forests on the left. The journey was full of breathtaking beauty, team building, and creating fun memories with one another as we shared our excitement and anticipation for the weeks ahead. We made a couple of stops to stretch and grab lunch and continued on our way.


During the road trip, we bumped into a few people who had been a part of YWAM in the past. One of those people even bought our fuel! We eventually made our way through the rainforest to Wujal Wujal. As we made our way to the tiny town, we realised that you can’t just stumble upon Wujal Wujal. You must be making the effort to travel there in order to find it. It is a stunning place. Pictures fail to capture the beauty of the land and the people welcomed us eagerly – YWAM has made a positive impact here.



One week on, most of our time has been spent with the children. Playing with them and showing them love. Other times we trek around town looking for people to connect with. The people of Wujal have been very inviting and have been keen to show us around their beautiful land. Like the trip to Wujal Wujal, you have to know where you are going to see the sights here. There are many tucked away beauties that would be hard to find without guidance. Wujal Wujal isn’t in the tourist brochures – it’s a hidden, preserved gem that we had to intentionally seek out and search for. And so is the treasure in each of us, and the people we have met here in this precious community. I’ve been thinking about what God would do if He physically visited this place, what would He say? How would He act? And then I realised (again), we can be a representation of Him if we allow ourselves to. Then our team began to discuss; how can our team be a reflection of His heart? How can we be an extension of his hands and feet? How can we represent his care and compassion for this beautiful community?


The answer is more simple than we realised. We take time to hear people’s stories, play with the children, live like they do, encourage individuals by sharing with them what we like about them, we are eager to learn, respect and experience their culture, and speak life-giving words over this remote community, population: 326. What a joy to not only receive this revelation but to live it out. My heart is alive when I serve and am focused on others. How precious it is to find the treasure that we so earnestly search for.


Mikalee Rubado

Mikalee is from McMinnville Oregon, and she is currently a part of the July Discipleship Training School. She is on the Trailblazing elective and really enjoys hiking, hanging with youth and talking about Jesus! Mikalee is very passionate about helping youth in feeling valued and knowing they have much to offer this world. Mikalee is married to her husband Grant, and they both really enjoy travelling together!

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