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Do you ever get tired of being asked what you want to do with your life?


For the longest time it used to bother me how I never seemed able to answer that question. I knew God had great things in store for my life, but it was so hard to see working in the back of a kitchen.


In the midst of this God led me to read the story of David. As a boy he was anointed king of Israel, but didn’t start his life leading armies or fighting giants. It was through watching sheep where God prepared him for what was to come. Despite being put in a place of humble beginnings David was faithful in what he was doing, and trusted the promises of God.


We have all been given the opportunity to be like David. To be patient and persistent in the field God has put us in. So be faithful and diligent in the season you’re in, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Trust that God is preparing you for more, and when you’re standing in front of the giants know God is far stronger than any armor made by man.


At times I think we’d all like a detailed satellite view of our future to answer all the questions, but instead God hands us a compass and asks us to trust Him. Don’t be disheartened, DREAM of the great things God has put on your heart, and no matter how far fetched they may seem, TRUST in Him. He is with you wherever you go.

Riley Demmer

Riley is 23 years old from Washington State! Riley has been on staff with us for two months now and helps serve with the kitchen team. He has a passion for writing stories including metaphors, to discover ideas in new ways.

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