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During high school I couldn’t sit still, I was so antsy to get out into the world and live the life God had called me to. I knew I wanted to leave town, I was searching for what “getting out” looked like for me.


After a lot of prayer and waiting, I found out about YWAM Townsville. I was so excited when I got that phone call saying that I was accepted for YWAM Townsville’s Discipleship Training School (DTS), I booked my flight right away! The DTS was still 6 months away though and I asked myself, what purpose do I have for the next 6 months? To fill this time after graduation I got 5 jobs and worked my tail off to be able to come for my DTS. The entire time I felt numb and kept telling myself: “God will be in Townsville I just need to get there and I’ll know Him and my purpose then.”


I’m now one month into my DTS, I have learnt so much about the nature, character and heart of God. I have also learnt that he will never be limited to where I am in the world. I had come to a point where I had put God in a box to only work through exciting foreign missions. The DTS lectures and conversations with my classmates have given me a whole new perspective on who I am and what God has planned for my life. I began to plug into my identity as a daughter in Christ which then helped me to understand I am valued by God, and because of that God meets me where I’m at and is before me wherever I go, no matter where or when that is. I just need to learn to trust God and open my heart to His plans.


We can live with purpose and intention wherever we are in the world, in every season of our lives. We shouldn’t wait until the next big thing to really start living the way God intends us to. God can work through us in every situation (not matter how mundane) if we open our hearts to His leading and prompting. There are no ‘in-between’ seasons with Him, He doesn’t press pause. There is always something He’s wanting to do in and through us! What an exciting revelation to have as I start my adult life. My DTS has been such an incredible time of transformation and the best part is, it has only just begun!

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Chloe Elliot

Chloe from Canada is currently a part of this January Discipleship Training School! She enjoys hiking, traveling, and being creative. She has a passion for others and a fun fact is that she has lived in 2 other countries beyond Canada – Hawaii and the Dominican Republic!

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