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My wife and I and our four kids (ages 13, 11, 9 and 6) are one month into our YWAM Townsville All Generations DTS. Coming all the way from America, we’ve come to know and love tropical Townsville. It has been a great city for us our family.

This is our top 10 list for things we’ve most enjoyed doing as a family within walking distance of the YWAM campus, which is located in the heart of the city!


1. The Botanical Garden – a ten-minute walk from the campus. Perfect for an afternoon walk or a picnic with the kids.



2. Flinders Street Sunday Farmers Market. Every Sunday Flinders Mall is transformed into a farmers market with local produce, crafts and live music.



3. The FREE waterpark! At the beach foreshore (The Strand) is a great waterpark for kids (and big kids too 😃 )  and the best part is, it’s free!



4. Burgers at The T.U.B.E  (Kids eat free on Thursdays!) After the water park, head to The T.U.B.E – it’s just a short walk away, and has great burgers!
5. The Reef HQ Aquarium! (the sea turtle hospital is amazing)



6. Dollar iced cokes at Macca’s! (Australian version of McDonald’s) A great treat on a hot day



7. Playing at The FREE Rock Pool. A man-made rock pool which brings in sea water from the Ocean. A great swimming spot with lots of grass and a playground right next to it.



8. Sunrises or sunsets on top of Castle Hill. A great workout, and an amazing view from the top!



9. Gelato at Juliette’s. Juliette’s is Townsville’s favourite gelateria located at the Strand. Choose your favourite flavour, and enjoy it on the beach!



10. Handball at the beach. We just can’t get enough of the endless days of sunshine!
Strand waterpark

Townsville is a very beautiful place for our family to call home while were are here in Australia for our DTS. Thank you for being such a great host, Townsville!

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The Rodemeyer Family
The Rodemeyer family is a family of 6, plus their dog named Murphy. They live in Minnesota, USA. As a family, they enjoy the outdoors such as, camping, hiking, sports and traveling. They are currently all completing an All Generations Discipleship Training School and are looking forward to outreach together as a family!  They are excited to see how God will use each and every one of them to serve others.
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