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Townsville has just been hit by the biggest flood disaster to ever hit our region – over 1.3 metres (4 ft) of rain fell in a week, affecting over 20,000 homes across the city.

As we’ve walked the streets and witnessed the devastation that many people are going through, our hearts have been so incredibly moved to do whatever we can to help and care for people in our city during this difficult time.

To help people get back on their feet, YWAM Townsville is proud to be taking the lead on an initiative called Team Townsville. Together with the Townsville City Council, the combined churches, and 99.9 Live FM, we are heading to the streets to care for the residents of Townsville by asking how they are and coordinating the connection of essential services to individuals and families.

This is a unique opportunity to meet a huge need in our city, to look people in the eye and ask if they’re okay. We are aiming to visit 20,000 homes in the next two weeks!

How you can support Team Townsville

Visiting 20,000 homes in two weeks is no easy feat! We need your support to meet the goal. Here’s a few ways you can help:

Volunteer – Help is needed in the call centre, visiting homes and organisational support. If you’d like to join us, click here to register.  

Donate – Funds are needed to help mobilise teams on the streets. To donate, click here. (Note: include “Flood Relief” as the recipient)

Lets do this! #WhateverItTakes!

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