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They have been there for nearly 2 weeks now, doing heaps and heaps of Religious Education (RE) programs, youth groups, church services, prayer times on a hill that overlooks the whole city, running an indigenous children’s church and even doing some yard work for disabled people in the city. They are loving the opportunity to talk to the young people in Mount Isa about who God is and what He means to them, they even saw 49 young people make first time commitments to follow Jesus in one day! God is certainly on the move in Mount Isa!
Here is a testimony from one of the students:
“In places like PNG, God seems to move in big strides. His presence is palpable, and the miracles and the effects on the people are so tangible. In Western cultures like Australia, his movements are less obvious, but to me it is just as (if not more) exciting. The kids here are so hungry; hungry for love, answers, excitement–something. I know that it is God their souls are really searching for, although they don’t know it and want true meaning to come from anything but religion. All it seems to take is 5-10 minutes in a small group for kids to open up about boys they like, how their parents split or a death that has left them a little lost. Things they’ve been waiting to say out loud as soon as someone would take the time to listen. It is in these moments that I feel the stirring of God’s still, quiet voice. They’ve heard the gospel a million times and don’t need it shoved down their throats, but what they have really missed out on is experiencing the love of God instead of just hearing about it. So we sit down, we love and we listen, and give them some proof of the love we talk so much about.”   –  Lauren Beck – USA –
So what next? They have one more week in the city and then back to Townsville for the final week of the school, they will move back onto the Pacific Link as they share stories with each other and the July Youth DTS about their DTS experience and all that God has done in their time in Australia.
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