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Here in Australia the school year is just coming to an end. For year 12 students, they have had their last day of high school ever. And to celebrate, the majority of students attend an event put on at about 7 different locations around Australia.

The July Youth DTS had the opportunity to attend one of the locations at Airlie Beach, Whitsundays. At this particular location, there were approximately 2,700 seventeen and eighteen year olds who for many was their first time away from home without their parents.

Partnering with a chaplaincy program, the team assisted the students all through out the night and into the morning. They put on the main events, cleaned up messes, chilled with students at their hotels, cooked them pancakes, and walked them home to safety.

“Many of the students were curious why we wanted to come and help them when we didn’t get paid to do it. It brought up a lot of good conversations about life and how we could have so much fun in helping people!” – Vlad, DTS student

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