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The three topics of self-esteem, bullying, and binge drinking are hot topics amongst youth in Australia. That is why the Youth DTS set out on outreach determined to discuss these topics and bring light into these areas. During the four days that the team was in Cairns, they presented 11 seminars to over 300 students!

It was incredible to see people’s reactions to the topics and be made aware of some of the risks and outcomes that can come from bullying and binge drinking. The team, along with the school’s chaplains, are anticipating to see change in their schools and hopefully some better decisions made before students go on summer break.

A DTS student’s experience:

“The most amazing feeling in life is seeing a student after the seminar in some random place and them telling you that they enjoyed the seminar or perhaps just want to chat with you more. The seminars in my opinion had a lasting impact on both the schools and students. I’ve found that each topic was relevant to the student’s lives and in some way or another we made an impact in the lives of each one of them. For me, seeing the student’s faces as we shared our own personal stories was so impacting because it shows them how they too can overcome or totally prevent themselves from going down the same path!”

-Marci, student

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