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Sometimes you are put in situations and find yourself using your skills when you least expect it. For the four nurses on our DTS outreach team, this experience was one of those occasions.

This team handled their unexpected situation well!

This team handled their unexpected situation well!

A few weeks ago before our team arrived, the police were searching for a criminal in a settlement of Port Moresby. After an unsuccessful raid, the police directed their frustration on to innocent residents of the settlement. When the dust settled, 74 people were left injured. Severed tendons, severe bruising and broken bones were among the recorded afflictions.

When Tabernacle of Prayers, the local church that was kind enough to house us, received word of this, they were determined to help. They contacted local government officials, raised awareness, and gathered enough medical supplies to help all of the victims.

The nurses on our team were able to join forces with a local nurse and provide health care for the victims. It was amazing to see how the skills they acquired from their home countries were crucial halfway across the world! Despite being in an unfamiliar environment and working with minimal supplies and equipment, they fervently provided compassionate care to the men and their families. At the end of the day, all who had been injured were treated, fed, and driven safely back to their homes.

“It is not just a coincidence that your team was here at this moment,” one local said. “Your presence and willingness brings hope to the people.”

What began as an act of injustice, ended as a day of mending wounds and strengthening friendships.

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