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Katelyn Wall is on the current Ship DTS!

It is amazing how much “junk” one carries through life unnecessarily. Junk that begins to cloud your memory and your thoughts; in the same way that wearing the wrong prescription glasses gives you a blurred outlook on the world. The more you try to focus, the more your brain hurts and your eyes strain. Recently we discovered what it means to take away the junk that so easily clouds our vision.

Clear Conscience; coming to a place where your decision making process is based primarily on what you believe in life and what you value, rather than living out of the consequences of past experiences. Because, although past experiences can teach us to become the people we are today, they do not always teach us positive life lessons.

Imagine a child who has fallen and grazed their knees on a gravel floor. Without cleaning out the wound, those nasty “foreign objects” become a part of who you are. In my own past, there were some wounds that I had not cleaned out. I carried the memory of that, avoided trusting people, and had been shallow in my relationships. I was amazed at how much junk I carried unnecessarily.

Peeling back layers and re-opening wounds hurts, in fact it is not only physically, but also emotionally draining. But in a safe environment, my wounds are able to begin to heal properly. I can finally move on from the pain of the past and move in to the freedom of the future. This is what we were meant to be able to do in life; walk in freedom and not in shame. Today is a new day and I choose freedom.

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