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The team shows the village how to make a water filter!

An abundance of opportunities frequently present themselves during outreaches in Papua New Guinea. For a team in the Oro Province, there were many opportunities to speak and share about the issues of life.

On one occasion, this time an opportunity presented itself to do something different, to pioneer and do something new. The first day in Beuru village in the Oro Province of Papua New Guinea, part of the team met with the village leaders and did an assessment. They asked about the strengths and needs of the village and what daily life was like for the people. They found out that the only source of water for the village in the dry season (other than scarce rain water) was a dirty river with no source of filtration.

During one of their lecture weeks, the team had learned how to make a water filter with rocks, sand, and pvc pipe. While travelling to the nearby town to get supplies, the team realised the importance of not only building the water filter, but teaching the village how to do so as well. So they did! They gathered all of the village leaders together, explained the importance of clean drinking water, and taught them how to build the filter!

It only took a day to get the water filter in full working order. Dirty water went in, clean water came out, and the village lit up with smiles.

The team’s time at the village ended the following day, but even while they were in the nearby town, family after family showed up at their door with food, stories of how the village is using the filter, and pure joy. Those that came shared that everyone from children to grandparents were using the filter, and the village had even made a stone path leading to it! The team were inspired about other villages they could help, as well as how to give the locals ownership in it. It was such a unique blessing for the team to be able to help the village in such a practical way.

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