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I grew up without a dad.


I know, I know, you are thinking, but this is a Mother’s Day post…what does this have to do with your dad?


I also didn’t grow up in a Christian family. My relationship with God was limited to periodic bouts of anger toward him because I didn’t have a dad.  Oh boy, now where is this going…right?! You see, when I became a Christian at age 25, I encountered the challenge of understanding God’s character as a Father. This felt almost impossible having no experience of a father in my childhood years, but I began to realise that I didn’t have to look far, because my mum and grandmother (affectionately known as grammy), had been reflecting God’s father-like character to me my whole life.


My mum was obviously a single parent, which is a tough gig. Yet, whatever challenges she was facing, never slowed my mum’s overflowing love for me – it was always apparent and available. My mum pursued me daily. There were never a shortage of hugs and devoted attention where we played games and talked. It was always evident to me that my mum wanted to really know me. So when I came to accept God in my life, that understanding of his loving pursuit and desire to know me was familiar and felt safe to ease into.


When I consider my grammy, she exemplified the strength of God to me as a girl. She was a teenager during WWII and lived in the most bombed part of London, England during the war. Yet, her stories of that time are hilarious reflections of life and beautiful testimonies of the ways people came together to strengthen one another in extremely hard conditions. She taught me to find laughter in life when it throws challenges your way and that strength is found as we look for moments of joy in tough times and this in turn, strengthens those navigating life with us. Her joy was always a strength to me as the Lord’s is now.


As years go by, I see more and more how these women laid their lives down for me, just as Christ did for us. The sacrifice from these two incredible mothers, that stems from their fierce love and protection of me, has impacted me to my core, and has deepened my understanding of God’s love for me. Even as I write this, I feel my heart longing to be in their presence as I now experience daily toward God. How does your mum (or grandmother) reflect the goodness of God’s character and how can you let her know that this Mother’s Day? Don’t let this Mother’s Day slip by like any old Sunday without honouring your mum for the sacrifices she’s made for you!


Happy Mother’s Day Mum and Grammy. I thank God daily for the both of you and how you reflect the Father’s character.
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Jennifer Kurylowicz

Jennifer (JP) is from Canada BUT has dual citizen of Australia and Canada! She has been on staff with us for 10 years now and she enjoys sewing, reading, running, jokes. Her favourite food is her grammy’s spaghetti and meatballs!

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