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Jessica served at YWAM Townsville from the beginning of the Building Blitz!

Art is a major part of Jessica Wolfe’s life, but her focus has not always been on drawing. Jessica attended a local university in Oregon, where she was granted a full athletic scholarship for running. However, after a short while, an unfortunate hip injury prevented her from being able to run. Sadly, Jessica lost her scholarship and could not longer afford to attend university. But things began to look up for Jessica when she heard about YWAM Townsville! Just after her nineteenth birthday, Jessica made a brave decision and left her home in the United States to volunteer in Townsville.

Jessica worked on renovating the staff housing on the YWAM campus. Jessica enjoys the live-learn environment that YWAM Townsville provides, and is glad to incorporate her love of art into daily life.

As she prepared to return to her home in America, a pressing question still remained. “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” Jessica optimistically faces this question. “When I had to quit school, I realized that my future was not going to be debt and bondage, but rather freedom… I know who I am now.” Jessica wants to use her gifts to the best of her ability and is excited for all that the future holds!

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