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 The other day when someone asked me “Are You Living Your Dream?”
I didn’t know what to say. I honestly had to think.
 When you are trying to be at so many places, at the same time, everyday, and everything is cluttering up your mind. You climb so high it gets hard to breathe. I forget to remember what I really need.


These are lyrics of a song that I was listening to this morning, it definitely stirred up some questions and thoughts in which birthed this blog entry.


What means the most to me?

What means the most to you? Some will say it’s the simple things but as for me the simple things are things that make up the big things in life. Family, friends and cuddles with babies are just a few of those big things. Yes I love babies ( spoiler alert: I am not broody or even ready to have a baby, so everyone stop panicking. Let’s all just calm down). I love newborn babies when they are at that beautiful stage when all they want to do is cuddle and be cuddled. They are consumed by the one who is holding them. They have that fresh baby smell. Now that is truly a beautiful thing! I’m all about the cuddles and fresh baby smells for sure. But let’s get back to the things that mean the most to me. the biggest one is my life and what I am doing. Missions, discipleship and helping building up the next generation.


There are two things that resonate with me for 2016 “Adventures” and “Generations (past, present and future)”.

The verse in the bible that has been a core verse for me since we started the year is “Who has done this and carried it through, calling forth the generations from the beginning? I, the Lord —with the first of them and with the last—I am he.” {‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41:4‬ ‭NIV‬‬}

Another version says:

“Who has prepared and done this, calling forth and guiding the destinies of the generations [of the nations] from the beginning? I, the Lord–the first [existing before history began] and with the last [an ever-present, unchanging God]–I am He.” {‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭41:4‬ ‭AMP‬‬} I love this version because it really breaks it down that God guides the destinies of all GENERATIONS and all NATIONS. But He just doesn’t do this once, He has done this from the beginning.

This year I stand for generations who have gone before us, today’s generations and the generations to come.

We were destined for more on this earth than just to merely exist. We were called to have the fullness in life. I was sitting with a friend for breakfast during my visit in the UK. As I held her gorgeous baby she shared about how she has been attending church and since she has had her son she sees life in a different way. She sees the beauty that is around her and she feels that the more she is connected with her creator the more she is noticing things she would otherwise take for granted or not even give a second glance. She has started thinking about what legacy she wants to leave behind for her children.


What did the generations before you leave for you?

What are you gonna leave for this generation? What will you teach the future generations? I shared with my friend that since watching the news regarding the floods in the northern part of the UK, residents shared about all the material things that had been washed away as a result. It made me think, “What am I living for?”  If the floods came what would I be leaving behind? I want others to know the legacy I leave behind and others to see the path of life I walked on. I want others to see I changed lives and that I called out and saw individuals walk into the fullness of what they were created to be. To see the downtrodden get up and proudly walk and live through a life that is full and purposeful.


So what means the most to you? What legacy are you leaving for this generation and the future generations? What have you learnt from previous generations and what nuggets of gold have they left you?


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Live your life to the FULLEST !!!

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Tafadzwa Tamba (Taffie)

Taffie is a wonderful, fun, and beautiful woman! She was born in Zimbabwe, Africa and then lived in England for 9 years as a social worker. She completed her DTS in 2015 and shortly after joined staff! She is a strong leader and has a heart for discipling the young generation. She enjoys baking, going on adventures, and always meeting a new face!

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