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Were it not for the youth leaders and mentors that God put in my life when I was a teenager I wouldn’t be the same man I am today. I was such an awkward, and insecure guy, but they saw me for more. They encouraged, challenged, and grew me in so many ways that it’s hard for me to put it into words.


Many of us have similar stories about youth pastors and leaders that stepped out of their way to be there for us, and for some that even means you want to be that mentor for someone else. But maybe you don’t quite know if you’re right for it. I’m a naturally quiet person so it was easy for me to have doubts as well. You see all the youth leaders I knew were loud, eccentric, and fun, so that made me wonder if I truly fit alongside them.


But when I really look back at my mentors and how they brought change into my life it had nothing to do with their personality, and had everything to do with their heart. No matter the differences, they all strived to do these three things excellently. My youth leaders:


Listened first, Sincerely cared, and Looked at everyone with value


If you feel called to youth ministry, don’t let doubt stop you from taking the next step. It all comes back to your heart and your willingness to listen, care, and show value. Everyone needs some kind of mentor, and you just might be the one to bring the heart of God to those in need.



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Riley Demmer

Riley is 23 years old from Washington State! Riley has been on staff with us for two months now and helps serve with the kitchen team. He has a passion for writing stories including metaphors, to discover ideas in new ways.

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