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How to Find Purpose in the Midst of Possibility: Paige’s Story


he journey unfolds and keeps unfolding…

After I completed a Discipleship Training School I was faced with the big question..”whats next.” In the moment the thought of that question can be daunting. It can cause our minds to run rampant, filling with deep excitement and curiosity for what God has next, mixed with a little bit of fear and worry.

“When DTS was over my prayers were simple but my heart unsteady.”

I wanted God to use me, but had no inkling of an idea or vision on what the future would look like for me. I had learned on DTS that God is constantly faithful, good and trustworthy, so I would cling to that in all circumstances. People always say God never wastes any opportunities and uses everything for His good. That is true. So the big question stirring within my spirit was, “God how are you going to piece the random events of my short 20 years into the big picture of your will and vision for the kingdom?”

As time went on I started to really learn and understand that everything in life was not as random as I thought. Its been 3 years since I’ve finished my DTS and only now have I truly been able to see the fruit of my past experiences and how God had vision and a plan all along.

He unfolded, pieced and knitted together many of my past experiences for His good and His kingdom.

A year before my DTS I enrolled into a Dental Assisting Course for no particular reason, I never could have guessed that my DTS would bring me all the way to Australia and on an outreach in Papua New Guinea.  While I was there I fell in love with the people of PNG, the country and saw the need that was there. I started learning more about the Medical Ship operated by YWAM that provides free medical care to the remote villages all along the coast, and one of the areas they focus on is dentistry. I never imagined it was possible for God to bring together all of these passions so perfectly.  Little did I know when I enrolled in that course 4 years ago, that later I would be serving in a floating dental clinic for four months in one of the least explored places on earth, but here I am. It was not all at once or in a magnificent big way. It was simple, gentle and slow but God is about the journey and beauty that unfolds within it.

There is so much sweetness and beauty in the world around us.

It arises from many different things such as pure vast open waters, tiny little hands, colourful markets and shy white smiles. It comes from the simple touch of an elderly hand and a gentle glance into big brown eyes. We miss the simple beauty around us because we don’t slow down and truly taste and see that Gods love is seeping out of all His creation. It over flows through the land and the people He has made. It shows through tattered worn clothing and an offering of a simple coconut. My heart was tenderly broken in Papua New Guinea by the realisation of Gods deep unrelenting love for all His children.
These photos are visual testimonies of Gods love and movement.
They are the captured moments of true passionate love revealing Himself to us.

The Journey Unfolds
The Journey Unfolds
The Journey Unfolds
The Journey Unfolds
The Journey Unfolds
The Journey Unfolds
Paige Vivian

Paige Vivian, from Grand Rapids, MI, completed her Discipleship Training School with YWAM Townsville in 2013.  After 3 years traveling abroad she joined us again to serve aboard the M/V YWAM PNG with YWAM Medical Ships Australia.  Paige served as a Dental Nurse during our 2016 outreach season, and also joined the clinic leadership team helping to co-lead the dental clinic.

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