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The January Reef to Outback Australian Youth Outback Team is off again! They spent the first week in Mt. Isa, a small outback town about 1100km West of Townsville. Each day they spent in the ISA they worked with the Spinifex Jr Campus during their lunch break playing games and connecting with the youth there. It turns out that setting up a stereo system, playing a bit of music, and getting a soccer game going is a great way to attract 200 students to hang out!
In the afternoons they spent time at the Spinifex Residential Campus, a boarding school where kids from all over the outback come to live and get an education the team would hang out the the youth there until 8-8:30pm every night, and they made several incredible friendships during the week.

The team also had an opportunity to work with Mt. Isa School of the Air, where outback kids who are unable to attend class due to living too far from the town are able to ‘tune in’ each day over the radio and participate in a virtual classroom over the radio.

On top of that, they were excited to be able to help out the church where they were staying at with a bit of manual labour throughout the week, as well as spend time at the Water for Life church in Mt. Isa to connect with the youth there too! Over the week the team was able to connect with about 300 youth, plus many families and churches along the way – and they were continously blessed by the people of Mt. Isa!!!

Jan DTS 2012 Outback Team

Jan DTS 2012 Outback Team


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