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January Reef to Outback London Team. As their first week comes to an end, the team is still trying to wrap their heads around the fact that they are actually in London.. It’s very cold and rainy, but beautiful and the people are amazing! The team is staying in Woodford, which is part of the London Borough of Redbridge, in the north east of the city. The bulk of the first week has been spent bundling up and walking around the borough on prayer walks, reading the Bible out loud in public, and meeting with local churches and pastors to make a schedule for the time there! The team had an opporunity to attend the three church services at the church they are working with, and got to meet alot of people in the church that have opportunities for the team! So far, their schedule for the coming week will include heading to the streets in the community looking to connect with people as well as opportunities for community service, and youth/church work. The team’s creativity has been awesome! One of the ways the team is using that creativity to engage with the community is by heading out to bus stops armed with video cameras asking people if they can film them answering 2 questions: What gives you hope? And what is love to you? The team is loving it in London, and is already getting sad that there are only a few weeks left!

January DTS London Team

January DTS Outreach Team in London

Here’s a quick story: On the first day in Redbridge as a team, they were exploring the neighboorhood and were approached by a young man named Alex. He was shocked to see all of these young people, especially one’s that were obviously not from around Woodford, hanging out in town. He told them that most of the youth don’t stay around in their free time and just the fact that they were a group of young people draws attention. Also it doesn’t hurt to have someone with an Georgia accent!

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