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I’ve been on DTS for about 6 weeks now. A little while ago someone asked me what I missed most about home. While things like my dog, my sister/best buddy, family, and school (yeah I’m that weird kid that likes school) would have been normal responses- I said…trees. Not sure why, but that particular day, I’d had my fill of tropical plants and palm trees. I wanted nothing more than to see a nice pine tree. A familiar piece of home that I love so much.

As I went on with my week, full of lectures and finding new revelations and spending time with my friends here, the opportunity came up to go to Maggie Island. Magnetic Island is just off the coast of Townsville, and I couldn’t imagine the island would be much different from the beach here. I was debating the venture since I had some homework to do and honestly, I just wanted to take a nap.  At the last second, I threw my bathing suit in my bag, strapped on my chacos and left with my friends to catch the ferry. This was a great opportunity to procrastinate if nothing else!

Boy was I wrong about this place being just a beach. As our ferry got closer to Maggie, I noticed just how stunning the small mountains were and started listening in on people talk about all the hiking trails that were within walking distance from the bus stops. Moving closer to the docking bay, I began to see what the green things covering the mountains were: it wasn’t the tropical plants I had expected. RatherI was greeted by the cutest little pine trees which I would later discover are called hoop pines. At that moment, I couldn’t help but be overwhelmed with how much I felt loved in the midst of my favourite parts of God’s creation. Once we got further into the island by bus, we found a hiking trail which led us over some gorgeous hills to a secluded beach only accessible by trail or 4×4.

Looking at it from the outside, it might just seem like I stumbled onto a cool island with some nice hiking trails. But when I think about where my heart was at that weekend- I was wrestling with what my identity was in Christ, how I was letting Him lead me, and whether He really cared about the things close to my heart. It was like that island and those trees came at the perfect time to say: He’s got me and He’s a good Father who cares about even the smallest desires of His children. In the big or the small, He cares. He knew what I needed that day and I’m so grateful for that sweet green reminder. -Ally

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