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Are you considering doing a Discipleship Training School (DTS)? Not sure which one is right for you?

At YWAM Townsville, we have eight electives to choose from to help you customise your DTS experience according to what you’re passionate about.

If you’re in a place in life where you’re searching and not really sure what you’re passionate about – don’t worry, any DTS is a great place to start with discovering your unique gifts and calling. All you need is a willingness to serve others, and an open heart to wherever God might be leading you! If you have a specific background or qualification and would like to use those skills on the mission field, we will try to match that with your DTS experience. No matter what elective you choose, every DTS includes the same DNA; the same teaching topics, structure, values, live-learn environment, and transformational discipleship that is so life-changing, there are really no words to explain it.

The DTS elective you choose will determine what you do on outreach, and while they are all different, every DTS outreach ties into our greater long-term vision. So you can be rest assured that your DTS is so much more than just your experience – it is contributing toward lasting change and impact in Australia, Papua New Guinea and beyond. Ok, let’s unpack each of your options – and as you’re reading, I hope something sparks for you!

Medical DTS

The Medical DTS is great for those that have an interest in or passion for healthcare. Our Medical DTS is suited for both medical professionals and for those who don’t have any medical skills whatsoever! Our Medical DTS includes weekly input on disease prevention and health education for communities. Part of your outreach will be in Australia followed by a healthcare related outreach to Papua New Guinea, focusing on promoting healthy villages. This might be through teaching communities about disease prevention and health promotion or through community development projects. Your outreach could be on land or onboard our Medical Ship. If the thought of medical missions makes your heart leap, this might just be the elective for you. And, you can even take it a step further by extending your DTS into a Medical Missions Gap Year, read more about that here.

Our Medical DTS runs in January, April, July and October. Apply here 

Medical missions

Trekking DTS

Do you long to get off the beaten path? Are you willing to visit some of the most remote villages on earth with a message of hope? Our Trekking DTS is not for the faint of heart, it is for those that love hiking, are willing to rough it in the bush, and are up for a physical challenge. During your lecture phase, you will go through vigorous training to prepare you for the epic adventure that awaits in Papua New Guinea, the least explored country on earth!

Our Trekking DTS runs in January. Apply here. 

YWAM Townsville Trekking DTS

Youth DTS

The Youth DTS is for those that are passionate about empowering and equipping teenagers to realise their potential and live a life of purpose. The Youth DTS has outreach opportunities both in Australia and in Papua New Guinea. In Australia, suicide is the biggest killer of Australian youth, and depression is on the rise. While over in Papua New Guinea, over half of the population are under the age of 20, but only 0.7% are receiving a university education.

During the Youth DTS you may have the opportunity to work in high schools, help run mission trips specifically designed for teenagers, and work with other local youth organisations.

If you love a good food fight, and are willing to invest into the lives of teens, the Youth DTS might just be that you’re looking for.

The Youth DTS runs in January, July and October. Apply here.


All Generations DTS

The All Generations DTS is open to all ages, even families! The All Generations DTS is a classic DTS experience that welcomes the young and old, and everyone in between. The All Generations DTS is a unique way to learn from one another while serving the world around you. The All Generations DTS includes less rigorous outreach options to suit both families and older people. If you’re keen to learn from a variety of people representing different ages, nationalities and backgrounds, the All Generations DTS is a great choice!  

The All Generations DTS runs in July. Apply here. 


Media & Radio DTS

The Media and Radio DTS calls for those who are passionate about using photography, videography, radio broadcasting, and writing to share stories that inspire hope and change!

We train you in basic media and storytelling skills, before we send you on outreach to capture on the ground stories in communities in Australia or Papua New Guinea. It’s an amazing DTS for those that have experience in the media field, as well as for those that are keen to learn.

You’ll also have the opportunity to work with our media hub right on campus, including our radio station that broadcasts to over 26,000 listeners every month!

The radio DTS runs in January and July. Apply here. 


Trailblazer DTS  

The Trailblazer DTS is for explorers, pioneers, and for those that crave adventure. Our Trailblazer DTS travels to new places in Papua New Guinea for future teams to visit. In addition to building relationship with the villages, the trailblazer DTS has a special focus on community development, such as water and sanitation projects, and health education.  

If the thought of learning a new culture, cooking your meal over a fire, bathing in a river, and sleeping on the ground under a mosquito net makes your heart come alive, the Trailblazer DTS may be waiting for you to join them on their next adventure!    

The Trailblazer DTS runs in July. Apply here. 


Reef to Outback DTS  

I’ve saved our very first DTS to last. The Reef to Outback DTS is where it all started for us. This is a classic Aussie DTS experience where you’ll have the opportunity to connect with Aboriginal communities in local towns and the outback. Picture red dust plains, kangaroos, and Aussie battlers living in true-blue Australia.

If Australia is on your heart – the Reef to Outback DTS is for you.

The Reef to Outback DTS runs in January, April and October. Apply here. 

Reef to Outback DTS

Performing Arts DTS

The Performing Arts elective is for those who have a passion for music, dance and other forms of creative arts; particularly with a Pacific Islands expression. Students on the elective will be a part of creating productions with the end goal of using it on outreach to share an important message and story.

If you are drawn to island culture and you enjoy performing arts – then this elective might just be for you!

Our Performing Arts DTS runs in July, Apply here. 


Still got questions?

No problem, we are here to help! Schedule a call with someone from our team and we’ll help you find the right DTS for you. Hope to see you on campus soon!

Anna Scott

Anna is from Australia and has been on staff with us for 13 years now. She works in our media hub and enjoys coffee, baking, and telling other people’s stories. A fun fact about Anna is that she’s been on 33 outreaches with our Medical Ship!

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