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Ever felt challenged to wholeheartedly say “Yes?”

If you’re just a tiny bit like me then you know exactly what I’m talking about. There was always this tiny voice in the back of my head that tried to tell me that I wouldn’t be able to do it. I’m not particularly a naysayer, but to be honest I was very comfortable where I was. A steady job, amazing friends, a loving family, everything organised, security and structure all around me – everything a Swiss’ heart desires, right? You guessed it – I was wrong, so wrong in fact that it took me several years to realise it. When God called me into full-time missions, medical nonetheless – as a non-medical professional! I had a lot of questions and doubts swarming in my head. “Why me?” “Why now?” “You got to be kidding me Lord – I’m not equipped for this!” Y’all tell me again that God doesn’t have a sense of humour! Anyways, here are the five biggest lies that I had to face in order to get to where I am now… and how God helped me persevere and how I was able to finally, wholeheartedly say “YES!”


I struggled with this a lot and still do sometimes. I felt that because I’m not a medical professional that I wasn’t equipped enough to help lead medical clinics on the YWAM MV PNG. Something that has changed my perspective about this is that although I’m not a medical professional, I know that I do have a variety of skills that can be used to glorify God and help people at the same time. I might not be ready to take on something so new, but God is! I just needed to be willing to take the first step and trust that He will do great things through me. The moment I realised that I don’t have to be qualified, only willing and obedient to be His hands and feet, was the moment I was able to say “YES!”

He took me to places where I never thought I’d go. He equipped me to serve not only on a medical ship but also to use the skills I already had. I had an apprenticeship as a Florist and since being here I was able to help create the flower arrangements for two big events, with guests in attendance like the Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea. I am not trying to brag here, I simply want to show you how much the Lord increased my reach and how He used me regardless of how qualified or unqualified I felt, and all I said was “YES!”


Does anyone out there like the idea of having a security net? I know I did. It’s part of our DNA. Having enough money on the side to know you’re able to take care of unforeseen situations helps a lot. Clearly, I was thrilled when God was like “Hey, how about that full-time missions thing we were talking about?” Just kidding! I knew in that moment that I had to let go of the security money gave me. It took a lot of courage to jump into missions because asking others for support is still considered taboo in Switzerland. Nevertheless, I’ve been living in Australia as a full-time missionary for almost 15 months now. God always opens new doors and not once has He let me down!


How many times did I use this excuse? Yeah, it’s an excuse! An excuse for being comfortable and not taking risks. When I finally mustered up the courage to say “YES,” spread my wings and step out of my comfortable nest, I started to reach heights I never knew were possible. I’m not too old or too young, and I decided that I wouldn’t let that lie determine my decisions or hold me back.


Who doesn’t know this one? Inferiority- my old enemy, get behind me! I can’t tell you how many times I have had to face this lie. Over and over again. Because that tiny voice that I mentioned in the beginning is very good at whispering things like, “You don’t belong here.” “There are way more capable people out there than you.” “Why would you, of all people, be called here?” To learn how to silence the chatterbox in my head is a secret I’m still learning to discover. I learned one thing and imprinted it on my heart: I AM good enough! I AM able to do this. I AM a child of the most high – which makes me able to do anything in His name! It is a constant and recurring need for me to say “YES!” YES to God, YES to myself and YES to the call I have on my life!


Leaving everyone, my family and friends behind was one of the biggest obstacles I had to overcome. But what are obstacles for? Correct – to be removed! “If I move to the other side of the world, my friends and family will forget me.” “They will stop loving me and because of the time difference, we will never be able to talk with one another again.” I’m not kidding- these were all real fears and lies that kept me from committing to do what I knew I was supposed to do for quite some time. Even worse was – and is – the fear of losing someone when I’m on the opposite side of the world. My Dad passed away when I was 21, it’s been a while, but dealing with grief is never ever an easy thing. Leaving for long-term missions, saying goodbye to my loved ones at home has been hard. I had to let go and say “YES”, fully aware of the possibility that some friends might turn their backs or that I’d I lose someone I love. I miss my family and friends dearly and daily – but what I gained since being here are lifelong and unexpected friendships, stretching over continents and cultures. And I’m learning to trust God to take care of my family and my relationships more every day. I learned that He cares about them more than I do- how crazy is that? I am blessed far more than I could ever put into words – and all because I faced my fear and said “YES!”

It was necessary to face these 5 major lies. They were my Goliath and I was David. All it took was me saying “YES”, wholeheartedly “YES”, to God’s plans for me and the blessings that He has for me. In return, He helped me slay my Goliath’s. It wasn’t easy, but it was worth fighting for. God called me on the journey of a lifetime, and honestly, I am happier now than I have ever been in my life. Happiness can also multiply when we share it. Consider this me sharing with you and inviting you to be brave and say “YES” to God and “YES Lord, here I am. Send me!” Your lies are lies, and you will overcome!

Andrea Reist

Andrea is from Switzerland and has been on staff with us since January 2018! She enjoys being outdoors, spending time with friends, reading and watching movies. She’s passionate about learning about new cultures!

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