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I got my first job at age 15 serving burgers at a drive-in fast food joint.


It wasn’t the most glamorous job around, but it was the only place hiring and I was eager to make some cash of my own. Five years later I was a crew leader, working full time while attending the local junior college down the road. I didn’t hate my life, but I had no idea what I wanted to be “when I grew up.” My small hometown gave me a great childhood, but I didn’t have a lot of eye-opening opportunities that tested my strengths and helped me take steps towards my future. First aspiring to be a nurse, then counselor, then motivational speaker… and who knows what else in between. I wasn’t lost, just a little blinded.


Looking for answers I turned to a Discipleship Training School (DTS) at YWAM Medical Ships in Townsville, Australia. Over the course of my DTS there were people that grew to learn more about me and began to spot the strengths I held and even my weaknesses. It shaped me into a better me. I learned how to have a great foundation in my faith and I also learned that I had a huge passion for the area of communication. What I learned most is that communication is essential for any country or people group to thrive.

I had the opportunity to rub shoulders with talented people who loved me, taught me, and discipled me. When I moved back to my hometown I landed my current dream job. I’m working full-time for a media corporation that shares local news across our region, produces videos and I have the opportunity to use my job to influence the town that raised me. Since taking this role, I’ve used my experience learned at YWAM to increase our reach to millions of viewers and have recently completed my drone pilot license!


I didn’t know exactly what would I would get out of a DTS, but as I reflect I can see the doors that have opened in my life since then. My experience catapulted me into a career that I love.


If you’re in a place in life where you’re not sure what you’re good at, or passionate about, a DTS is a great first step to help you discover who God created you to be. Take the first step HERE.
Lea Emerson

Alumni DTS and Staff Member for 5 years, Lea, is a bright ambitious young woman from Paris, Texas, USA. She’s an excellent leader, teacher, communicator, and one of the best story tellers you’ll ever get the privilege of hearing from! She enjoys coffee, being with good company, and watching documentaries.


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