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June 17th – 29th 2018

DNA Infusion is a 2-week YWAM leadership event that will give understanding about Youth With A Mission’s “DNA” and help better equip you to lead YWAM into the future. We identify and understand the values and principles that embody our unique call as YWAM, and then make sure that they stand as the firm foundation for what we become in the future. That’s why it’s called DNA Infusion. “DNA” refers to the essential genetics of our tribe that we believe God wants to multiply into successive generations of YWAMers for health and fruitfulness.

But in addition to carrying the genetic code, every individual YWAM leader must have personal character and a Biblical understanding of leadership to propel us with strength into the future. There is a simple truth about DNA: it is least altered the closest to its source of origin. DNA Infusion is led by one of “the originals,” Darlene Cunningham, the co-founder of Youth With A Mission.

We are believing for a fresh “infusion” from God to flow into each DNA event – and that the leaders gathered will also form a catalytic, faith-filled environment for NEW things to emerge. And this time its Down Under in Townsville. Centrally located within easy reach for our South Pacific and South East Asia family with direct flights from Port Moresby, PNG, and Bali, Indonesia. DNA Infusion is an integrated event, with worship, teaching, intercession, discussion, application, scripture meditation, strategising, questions and answers all interwoven.

Topics likely to be covered:

  • Belief Tree
  • YWAM DNA: our origins and future
  • Current words of the Lord to YWAM global leaders
  • YWAM’s apostolic/pioneering call
  • How to engage to End Bible Poverty Now
  • Understanding God-given domains of authority & spheres of societal influence
  • Jesus, our leadership model
  • YWAM history and foundational values
  • Character qualities of a Godly leader
  • Co-creating with God
  • Implicational thinking and question asking
  • Families in missions


Darlene Cunningham
Loren Cunningham
David Hamilton

Darlene Cunningham, will give a positive infusion of practical “where-the-rubber-meets-the-road” wisdom. Darlene will focus on Jesus – the perfect model for leadership – in very specific, down-to-earth ways. And she will always, always point you to the faithfulness of God. She is a people-developer, translator of vision and implementer as well as a “potential extractor” – she often sees giftings within people they don’t even know they have, and calls them forth. She is uniquely qualified to give insight to YWAM leaders because she understands the lifestyle, pressures and joys of the mission from an inside perspective.

Loren Cunningham will give us the “big picture” of world missions and how every individual and every ministry functions to fulfill God’s forever dream of reaching every creature. The urgent need in his heart these days is a passion to End Bible Poverty Now, making the word of God available to every home on earth by 2020.

David Hamilton, University of the Nation’s Vice President for Strategic Innovation, also has an outstanding history of YWAM leadership, pioneering and innovating that spans more than three decades. He will share the majority of the teaching time with Darlene. He is a man of faith, and the father of many mission innovations such as 4K, Uniskript, the SourceView and SphereView Bibles and a new, many-tiered SourceView Bible App that allows us to search the scriptures in never-before depth.



Keen to know all the details? Where you’ll stay? How much it will cost? What you’ll do? See below!


The YWAM Townsville City campus is in the heart of the Central Business District, close to shops and cafes and just a 10 minute walk to the beach. The DNA Seminar will be happening during our winter – which means, you can enjoy Townsville’s sunny 25°C/77°F tropical weather. Fancy a trip to the Great Barrier Reef while you’re here?

Food & Accommodation

Accommodation is available for families, couples and singles at the YWAM Townsville City Campus.  If you’d prefer to arrange your own accommodation, please let us know and we will give you a few recommendations.

Meals will be served at the campus.

Program & Schedule
The arrival day for the DNA Seminar is June 17th 2018, we start with a welcome dinner and evening session and departure day is June 29th 2018 in the afternoon- after the morning session.  A schedule will be made available for the seminar closer to the date.
Travel & Visa

Transport will be provided to and from the airport.

To see your visa options, visit


A Nations: $470AUD – this includes accommodation, food and training resources. If you would prefer to arrange accommodation externally, your fee will be $370AUD (only if specified).

B Nations: $364AUD

C Nations: $207AUD

Children 3-17: $150 – this includes accommodation, food and child care. Children aged 2 and under are free. Youth 17 years old may attend sessions if they so desire.


Childcare & youth programs will be made available for children & youth 17 and under. Youth 17 years old may attend sessions if they so desire. More information on this will be provided closer to the date.

Forerunners School

The DNA is going to be a full two weeks of incredible impartation and fellowship as we dive into the foundations of our mission, BUT if you are hoping to dig deeper and experience pioneering in missions throughout the globe then we have an incredible opportunity for you!

YWAM Whitsundays is offering the Forerunners school starting in May 2018 which will incorporate the DNA as two weeks of the school’s lecture phase. We hope you prayerfully consider taking hold of this special opportunity!

Forerunners is about encountering God and being filled up and equipped to impact the nations. YWAM Whitsunday is located three hours south of Townsville.

For more information, visit:

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