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Ever since I was three years old I loved to draw.  If younger me was ever bored I would walk over to the printer, pull out a piece of paper, find a pen and sit there and draw for hours.  

Honestly, it was my favourite place to be.  Sitting at the table and being able to put my imagination on to something physical always intrigued me.  Anytime I had a notebook in my lap I would daze off in deep thought. My imagination would run wild! If I had a notebook while watching a movie I would have no clue what that movie was about because I wouldn’t even pay attention to it.  These were my most creative times. My mind would just come up with all of these amazing scenes and creations that I would want to put on paper, but I never got to draw even a quarter of what I was thinking because I would think of something new and want to draw that instead.  I still have this kind of moment today at 23 years old 🙂

I always thank God for this gift that He has given me.  My parents always wondered who I got it from in the family because neither of them can draw anything.  If you asked them to draw a circle you would probably get a hexagon. I like to think I inherited this gift from my heavenly Father.  After all, He is the ultimate creator and His imagination is endless. God created everything from nothing and had nothing to go off of. He didn’t google for inspiration, the inspiration and vision were within Him.  

Hebrews 11:3 says, “By faith, we understand that the universe was formed at God’s command so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible.”

If I want to draw a building I may need to look at a picture of a building for reference.  God literally had nothing to off of! He came up with everything himself. His imagination is everything we see today and everything that we can think of ourselves.

God is my inspiration, and the older I get the more I want to honour Him with my gift.  It is Him who gave it to me and I want Him to be happy with how I use it! The question is how can we do that?  How can I honour God my creativity? How can we honour God through the gifts He has given us? He’s given gifts to every single one of us, whether it’s developed over time or something that has always come naturally.

I want my gift of art to represent Him in the same way that we can walk outside and look at nature and see how it represents Him…how His creation conveys His power and beauty. I want my gifts to reflect God’s nature and character.. as a friend, comforter, pillar of strength, and creator.

How do I do that?

Sometimes I will sit and pray for ideas about what to draw.  I have actually gotten some of my favourite drawings from times like these.  I recently staffed a Discipleship Training School and all throughout lectures I felt like I should draw what the teachings were about rather than write it down.  That’s not to say I didn’t take any notes, but the ideas I got from God during those times were incredible.

Sometimes if I feel led to bless someone so I will pray for an idea of something to draw for them!  It’s so cool to see how God can give you ideas, and what you put down on paper actually means something to them. You can bless others through your gift because it can show them love, care, inspiration and so much more.

I even use drawing as a way to tell God how I am feeling!  He already knows of course, but it allows me to look back at those pictures and see how God has brought me up from low places or to see how God has blown me away with something amazing He has done. It’s a part of our relationship. It honestly may sound strange, but this is something personal between God and me.  It is a creative way for me to communicate with God.

I encourage you to seek the different ways that you can glorify God and grow closer to Him through your gifts, talents and passions.  It doesn’t have to be through “traditional” ways like art; gifts and passions come in various shapes and sizes. Through your work, family, hobbies and free time you have the opportunity to encourage and inspire the world around you. 

God is the giver of gifts and the best creator the world has ever known, so use your gifts to create for Him and bring Him glory!  Invite God in on the journey of your gifts and you will see yourself becoming not only more influential in your gifts but also more connected to God.

Jackson Smith
Jackson is from South Carolina and has been on staff with us since September 2017. He enjoys drawing, longboarding and kayaking. Jackson is passionate about youth and discipleship. He completed his Discipleship Training School in Ireland!
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