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    When you’re on your DTS there is so much happening all the time. You’re learning new revelations in your life, new friendships are being formed, and you’re on a journey of quick growth. We all know growing is an inevitable process in life that happens as we take steps into becoming a better person and becoming ourselves. Growth can look beautiful, messy, natural and shifty all at the same time. The big question is: how do we appropriately and fully communicate what’s taking place here, to our families, friends and supporters back home in a honest raw way?
1. Be real, open and honest in all that you say.

Explain the good moments, experiences and lessons you are learning. Let your good moments and realizations be an encouragement to the people you are communicating to back home. Also, remember we are all people and know that life isn’t always beautiful and great- growing can be painful. As you explain the good and adventurous parts of your journey also share the hard, unpolished, difficult moments. It’s important for people to know and hear all  parts of your heart. It gives them space to encourage, pray and journey along side of  you.

2. Take photos!

You know what they say, “a picture speaks 1,000 words.” That is the truth. People love photos. Being able to see what you’re seeing and visualize where you’re at is a great way of making people feel like they are a part of your journey. A simple photo is an easy fun way to bring more understanding.
When you’re thousands of miles away, photos help bridge the distance so that people can experience life with you!

3. Remember to take time.

Sit down and write to the people who love you and have helped you get to where you’re at now. As you get immersed in daily routine and the business of life you can often slack, putting this on the back burner and forgetting to be deliberate in communicating back home. Jotting down a few bullet points throughout the week can help you stay on track.

4. Say Thank You

Say thank you again and again. People like to feel appreciated and needed. They deserve your thankfulness.

5. Don’t ramble.

Keep it real but also keep it short. Not everyone has time to read pages of your words. That’s why it’s so important to make sure you are writing the main highlights you want people to know. This not only helps the reader stay focused but also should help you stay on track and not become stressed.

Paige Vivian

Paige Vivian, from Grand Rapids, MI, completed her Discipleship Training School with us in 2013.  After 3 years traveling abroad she joined us again aboard our Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea serving as a Dental Nurse, and Clinic Leader. Paige is a natural writer, with an eye for beauty in the everyday moments of life. She loves real and raw moments of people discovering themselves, and can strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

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