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Earlier today I posted a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #ComeAlive. In response to being tagged by my friend Kelly, I shared five things that make me “come alive.”

Let me get real. I rarely take selfies. And I NEVER tag/retag people in comments. But I love Kelly; she’s my girl. We work together, and I really believe in what we are trying to do by encouraging people to HashtagComeAlive. So I did it.

But here’s the problem: since I didn’t really want to think about the deep things that make me come alive, I kind of took the easy way out. I quickly thought of the first five things that give me a bit of a rush in life. Sure, they are fun things that describe a lot about my personality. Things that are so true about me they make others laugh and nod their heads when they read it; but my list only tells part of the story and the part that’s missing is the most important part because they are the things that give me life and purpose every single day.

They don’t just make me come alive. They are the things that keep me alive.

I moved halfway across the world when I was 22. I gave up my home. My job. Living near my family. I needed a passport and a visa and permission from the government to come and to stay. I had no guaranteed salary. I only knew a small handful of people. I had very little certainty of what the future would hold.

But I did have hope.

And that hope makes me come alive.

Hope that lives can be changed. Hope that the course of history – across nations – would change trajectory. That the 10 Aussie teenagers who commit suicide every week might know their value. That girls who cut their wrists and arms to hide the pain would feel joy again. That the 5 mamas who die in Papua New Guinea each day, or the 1 in 13 babies who die before the age of 5 would have life. That nations would gather in healing and redemption to the point that they would go and help others.

This makes my heart beat wildly. It makes me get up and out of bed each and every day. And I’m living this reality every single day.

I’m watching lives being saved – the young, the old, the babies, the mamas. They are learning their value – the marginalised, the women, the teenagers. We are working together – friend to friend, husband to wife, village to village, nation to nation. We are finding hope in the midst of our humanity and we are all coming alive.

So as much as I really really really like roller coasters and winning free dinner vouchers and hitting goals and all the rest, I would be amiss not to tell you the real reason I come alive.

This is my confession; and in full disclosure, I must tell you the truth. There is this hope in me that some of you are being stirred in your heart right now that there’s more to the life you’re living, and maybe – just maybe – this small taste of hope makes you thirsty for more.

And selfishly, if we could somehow be a part of your journey to #ComeAlive, well, that may just be the very thing that would make me #ComeAlive the most.

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