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“The most important knowledge is the Bible knowledge,” Mr. Hoky said with his radiant smile, “the English is important, but Bible—that’s eternal knowledge.”


Hoky joyfully teaches literacy and numeracy classes at the rehabilitation and training farm our outreach team has spent a week at. The farm, run by City Mission, runs 18-month training programs for about 160 young men at a time. The men are trained by experienced staff members who teach them a trade of interest. They are also required to complete literacy and numeracy classes to increase their job prospects.

Hoky was once in the same place as his students, coming to the farm to turn his life around. The staff noticed his passion for helping the other students and offered him a teaching position upon his graduation. He wanted to become a missionary, but now identifies his classroom as his mission field. As the years go by, Hoky learns more about English and God alongside his students.

Since being on the farm, our team has been able to assist and empower Hoky, other staff members, and students in their work. It is tremendous, life-changing work going on here.

We have assisted City Mission’s literacy and numeracy teachers, led classes in the primary school, worked in duties throughout the farm, shared messages and prayers of encouragement to the students, and ministered at City Mission’s home for women fleeing domestic violence.

In preparation for this outreach, we prayed that we would truly come alongside others and encourage them. The team is thrilled to see our prayers becoming reality as we champion others to be effective waves of change in one another’s lives.

Hoky said that he often bumps into his graduated students in a market or on the street. They now have families, jobs, homes, and hope.


Written by Adam Del Rio

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