Category of Nations

Lower Fees for Developing Nations

“God has renewed in us a call to be both international and multi-cultural,” said Associate Provost David Hamilton.  “The rising cost of our schools over the years has made them less accessible to international students.  To change that, we have overhauled our budgets to be able to significantly reduce tuition cost for those from developing nations.”  International students already pay a higher price to get here because of travel costs.  They also pay more than Americans in both time and money to comply with all the legal and visa requirements.

Countries listing by Per Capita Income

As part of our ongoing commitment to empowering individuals around the world, we have discounts available to students from various countires. Using information supplied by the United Nations and other sources, we rank countries in three categories (A,B,C) based on their per capita income.

Under this fee schedule, students from B category nations can pay $1,000 less for their school fees than students from A category nations.  Students from C category nations (per capita income of $5,000 or less) can pay $2,000 less than those from A category nations.  You can see the full list below, and if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Category Of Nations List

A-F Category G-N Category O-Z Category
Afghanistan c Ghana c Niue c
Albania c Gibraltar a Northern Mariana Isla. b
Algeria c Greece a Norway a
American Samoa b Greenland a Oman a
Andorra a Grenada b Pakistan c
Angola c Guam a Palau Islands b
Anguilla b Guatemala c Panama b
Antigua & Barbados a Guernsey a Papua New Guinea c
Argentina b Guinea c Paraguay c
Armenia c Guinea-Bissau c Peru b
Aruba a Guyana c Philippines c
Australia a Haiti c Poland a
Austria a Honduras c Portugal a
Azerbaijan b Hong Kong a Puerto Rico a
Bahamas, The a Hungary a Qatar a
Bahrain a Iceland a Romania b
Bangladesh c India c Russia b
Barbados a Indonesia c Rwanda c
Belarus b Iran b Saint Helena c
Belgium a Iraq c Saint Kitts & Nevis a
Belize b Ireland a Saint Lucia b
Benin c Israel a Saint Pierre & Miquellon c
Bermuda a Italy a Saint Vincent & Grenadines b
Bhutan c Jamaica b Samoa c
Bolivia c Japan a San Marino a
Bosnia and Herzegovina c Jordan c Sao Tome & Principe c
Botswana b Kazakhstan b Saudi Arabia a
Brazil b Kenya c Senegal c
British Virgin Islands a Kiribati c Serbia b
Brunei a Korea, North c Seychelles a
Bulgaria b Korea, South a Sierra Leone c
Burkina Faso c Kosovo c Singapore a
Burundi c Kuwait a Slovakia a
Cambodia c Kyrgyzstan c Slovenia a
Cameroon c Laos c Solomon Islands c
Canada a Latvia b Somalia c
Cape Verde Islands c Lebanon b South Africa b
Cayman Islands a Lesotho c Spain a
Central Africa Republic c Liberia c Sri Lanka c
Chad c Libya b Sudan c
Chile b Liechtenstein a Suriname b
China c Lithuania a Swaziland c
Colombia b Luxembourg a Sweden a
Comoros Islands c Macau a Switzerland a
Congo, Dem Rep of the c Macedonia b Syria c
Congo, Republic of the c Madagascar c Taiwan a
Cook Islands b Malawi c Tajikistan c
Costa Rica b Malaysia b Tanzania c
Cote de Ivoire c Maldives c Thailand b
Croatia a Mali c Togo c
Cuba b Malta a Tokelau c
Cyprus a Man, Isle of a Tonga c
Czech Republic a Marshall Islands c Trinidad & Tobago a
Denmark a Mauritania c Tunisia b
Djibouti c Mauritius b Turkey b
Dominica b Mayotte c Turkmenistan c
Dominican Republic b Mexico b Turks & Caicos Islands b
East Timor c Micronesia, Federal States of c Tuvalu c
Ecuador b Moldova c Uganda c
Egypt c Monaco a Ukraine c
El Salvador b Mongolia c United Arab Emirates a
Equatorial Guinea a Montenegro b United Kingdom a
Eritrea c Montserrat c United States a
Estonia a Morocco c Uruguay b
Ethiopia c Mozambique c Uzbekistan c
Falkland Islands a Myanmar c Vanuatu c
Faroe Islands a Namibia c Venezuela b
Fiji c Nauru c Vietnam c
Finland a Nepal c Virgin Islands a
France a Netherlands a Wallis and Futuna c
French Polynesia a Netherlands Antilles a West Bank c
Gabon b New Caledonia a Yemen c
Gambia, The c New Zealand a Zambia c
Gaza Strip (Inc. West Bank) c Nicaragua c Zimbabwe c
Georgia c Niger c
Germany a Nigeria c

Categories are subject to change, this list is created and approved by University of the Nations International Leadership Team,
YWAM Townsville Campus has adopted these recommendations, approved in 2015.