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A yawn is a silent scream for coffee. Coffee is a hug in a mug. You are brewtiful. Pro-caffeination. Better latte than never.

Do you feel instantly understood when you hear those words? Don’t you enjoy that sweet distinct fragrance of fresh ground beans ascending your nostrils and embracing every single cell of your brain with the aroma of the brew? The warmth of it hugging your heart and stomach like a good old friend. The feeling of being at home away from home, a place to have a good conversation with a friend, or simply an escape from everyday life. Do you need that hot, black liquid pumping through your veins to act and behave like an actual human being? I totally get it. (I’m on my fifth cup of coffee right now!)

If you’re planning to join us in Townsville, you might already be wondering where you’re going to get your black gold from. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. I spoke to our staff and students here at YWAM Townsville, and have compiled a few of of our favourites.

Speciality Coffee Traders

Distance: 6km

Time to get there from YWAM campus: 1:15h [foot], 20min [bike], 9min [car]

Why we love Speciality Coffee Traders:
  • Friendly staff
  • Their Special: micro-lot single origins

Distance: 2km / morning run

Time to get there from YWAM campus: 25min [foot], 7min [bike]

Why we love Bounce:
  • You can choose between different types of beans
  • Great range of Espresso roasts
  • Their Special: free coffee for mothers on Mother’s Day
Freelance Roasting

Distance: 1.4km / grab your longboard and bomb down that hill!

Time to get there from YWAM Campus: 19 minute (walk)

Why we love Freelance Roasting:
  • Open weekends
  • Quality coffee
  • Close to the Strand
  • Their Special: they roast their own coffee
Hoi Polloi

Distance: 850m

Time to get there from the YWAM Campus: 11 minute walk

Why we love Hoi Polloi
  • Great coffee
  • Quirky/artsy
  • Unique location
  • Their Special: A Day in Denham Lane – a mix of market stall and open air cinema
Coffee Dominion

Distance: 650m

Time to get there from YWAM Campus: 8 minute walk

Why we love Coffee Dominion
  • Variety of beans
  • Different ways to brew the bean
  • Their Special: Cold brews (with nitro) on tap
Born Wild

Distance: 450m

Time to get there from YWAM Campus: 6 minutes

Why we love Born Wild:
  • Cool vibe
  • Range of health conscious milk options
  • Their Special: easy accessible on Sundays during Cotters Market on Flinders
YWAM Townsville’s Cafe

Distance from the YWAM campus: zero!

Time to get there: How fast are your feet?

Why we love YWAM Townsville Cafe:
  • Insanely cheap
  • You can get your fix during the morning tea break
  • Their Special: the best looking and most friendly baristas you’ll ever meet!

Maybe during your time in Townsville, you’ll add another one to the list 🙂 Okay, I need another coffee now! God bless the Bean!

Hermann Albach

Hermann lives in Germany. Hermann is currently half way through his Medical Gap Year with us at YWAM Townsville. He enjoys good coffee, sports, music and photography. He has a passion for bringing healthcare to those in need. A fun fact about Hermann is although he lives in Germany he was actually born in Siberia!

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