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This morning a picture came to my mind and I wanted to share it.  There was a leaf sailing down a cool and calm forest stream. Like the smallest of rafts rolling past stones of smooth moss with twigs caught beneath, due to the weight of the water. Almost in defiance of what is to be expected the leaf moved aside and kept floating down the stream. Sometimes above the water and sometimes thrown below. Sometimes meandering through roots lining the banks, sometimes going past without mind. No nook, or rock, nor pool waiting to be called it’s home. No, its home was the swells of moving water, his family the fish and other debris which followed, whimsically floating along by. Sure there were many obstacles, but all of it led to the vastness of the ocean so full of life that language cannot describe.

A leaf does not stay on the branch from which it grew, nor shall we. Our home is our God, who moves with us. Keep on fighting, and keep on flowing. It’s all in the journey.

Riley Demmer

Riley did his DTS here in Townsville in April 2018, and has been with us ever since! He is very passionate about discipleship through writing. Whether it’s through blogs, stories or simply an image, Riley loves presenting ideas in a new light through metaphors and poetry.

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