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It’s already the middle of week 5 for both the Youth Ministry DTS and Ship DTS currently running in our July Quarter and high time for an update! Over the past month, the two schools have had combined lectures on various topics starting with “Identity” taught by our very own Training Director Joanne Blaik. Week 3 was “Clear Conscience” with our base director Ken Mulligan and week 4 focused on “Relationships” with Faith Dutton, a leader at YWAM Kona, Hawaii. This past week Faith’s husband, Andrew Dutton, taught on “The Heart of God”, so we spoke up with the two DTS leaders to hear how everything was going!
Ryan Booker, our talented Youth Ministry DTS leader, shared with us some of the focus that God has been bringing to his school:
“We have a lot of young people in our school which is fantastic and the school is going great, so we’re really in a place of learning. We are heading to Papua New Guinea soon and we are looking forward to serving the work of what’s being done through the YWAM Australia Ship Tour while at the same time reaching Australian young people. The harvest is ready but the workers are few.”

The Youth Ministry DTS is comprised of 19 student and 6 staff members and is set to to have another week of lectures before they head to the great Australian outback for two weeks of camping. We caught up with student Andrew Taylor for his thoughts on his experience so far. “The community atmosphere is very cool. I noticed that in class the DTS staff also learn during lectures, so it’s not like they’re high almighty people. Everybody’s on the same level in that area.” Andrew also mentioned that that the week which impacted him the most so far had had been Identity week. “Because you realize things about yourself that you never knew you knew, and it’s a big “breakthrough” week in understanding our identity in God,” he pointed out.

Meanwhile, Helen Middleton who leads the Ship DTS has been busy preparing for her school’s departure to Papua New Guinea. “It’s really exciting,” she said, “we’re leaving tomorrow and will be in PNG for 8 1/2 weeks. I’m really excited to experience the culture and for the students to get a taste for what life looks like in the villages. Also, we’re looking forward to the chance to partner with the YWAM Australia Medical Ship that is outreaching there and for the opportunity to give hands-on aid to the people in remote villages.” The Ship DTS has 4 students and 2 staff members, all of whom are eager to experience Papua New Guinea.
It’s been incredible to hear the reports of how well the first few weeks of DTS have gone, and we’re looking forward to hearing more amazing stories coming out of these schools in the nearby future!
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