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I didn’t have an average childhood – I grew up as a missionary kid in the Highlands of Papua New Guinea, a nation in the Pacific just north of Australia. My parents work with Bible translators and have dedicated their lives toward giving the people of Papua New Guinea the option of reading the Bible in their local language.

I loved growing up in Papua New Guinea. I learnt the language, went to school there, and made home.

Papua New Guinea is actually the least explored country on earth with over 850 languages and 1,000 tribes.

In between school and field work with my parents, I would spend my time exploring caves, stargazing at the perfectly lit Milky Way on lush mountains, gold mining in rivers, rock-climbing waterfalls, kayaking open seas, swimming with wild dolphins, sun-bathing on un-inhabited islands, and motorbiking jungle-laid terrains. For real – that was my life. For someone that loves adventure, Papua New Guinea was the perfect place to grow up.

After I finished High School, I chose to do the YWAM Townsville Discipleship Training School (DTS) in Australia. I was nervous about living in a “first-world” nation again, and was preparing myself for major culture shock. But I kept remembering the reason why I signed up for the DTS in the first place – it was for the people of Papua New Guinea, a nation that I had come to love, a nation that had become my own.

Though there is much beauty and diversity in Papua New Guinea, there are major challenges. Many people don’t have access to basic healthcare with over 70% of the nation’s medical professionals living in cities. Yet 84% of the nation live in rural areas.

I remember visiting patients in a nearby hospital, and being impacted by the overcrowding and sickness. I wanted to help, but I knew I needed guidance on how.

I found out about YWAM Townsville’s medical DTS that does outreaches into Papua New Guinea, and knew this was the right step for me.


Now I’m getting ready to join the YWAM Medical Ship in Papua New Guinea as part of my DTS in a few months time.

I don’t have a medical background, but it takes all sorts of people to pull off a medical ship outreach. I get to experience and be a part of bringing practical help to a nation I’ve come to know and love while growing in my own faith in the process.

I’ve even had the opportunity to use my passion for media since I’ve been here. I’m beginning to realise that missions can be in many different shapes and forms, he can use all sorts of talents and skills to reach people.

I feel as if God is writing another chapter in my story. And though my adventures in Papua New Guinea may not always be swimming with wild dolphins or rock climbing waterfalls in a physical sense, I know that he is continuing his work in me. And his plans are always exciting and good – with a new adventure always just around the corner 😄

Micah Trostle

Micah is currently on the July DTS, whose home is Papua New Guinea. Micah enjoys photography, adventures, sports, and motorbiking! He is passionate about Papua New Guinea and hopes to move back in the near future to impact business development, expanding communities.

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