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So you’re thinking of visiting the land down under…but still not sure if a trip over here is worthy of your bucket list? Got the travel bug but don’t know if Australia will fix it? To make things easier, we’ve put together a list that is sure to have you booking a one-way ticket in no time!


  1. The Snacks.

Every Aussie loves a good feed. Globally we’re known for our meat and beverages. Historically we’ve claimed the pavlova dessert as our own (no matter what our New Zealand cousins think!). We’ve transformed coffee into art. Turned Tim-Tams into an elaborate milk and chocolate drinking game. And while you might be put off by our notorious Vegemite spread, what makes our food so good is its diversity. We do have chain restaurants, but most of our food comes from smaller, family-owned businesses from all over the world. What’s good about that, you say? Two words: family recipes.

  1. The Scenery.

Before you even get to Australia you’ve likely seen pictures of our island nation. And they’re probably accurate. But there’s more to Australia than the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. With a land area bigger than Europe and comparable to the US, there’s a mighty lot to see in Australia. Travel north, and you’ll hit white sandy beaches and tropical rainforests. Travel south and you’ll find rugged, windswept coasts and snowy peaks. Head to the centre and find red sand for days. Like the heat? Australia has it. Like the cool? Australia has it. Like any and every climate? Australia really has it all.

  1. The Sights.

What happens when you combine a duck with a beaver? Or a porcupine with a bird? You get two of the strangest creatures on earth, which also happen to be native to Australia. And what you’ll discover as you journey into any of our woodlands, rainforests, bushlands or coastlines is that we have 7,000-plus species of wildlife that can only be found in Australia! And when you’ve got everything from rainbow lorikeets to weedy seadragons to quokkas to laughing kookaburras, they simply cannot be missed!

  1. The Slang.

Have you ever watched an Australian movie or online video like this and wondered why you couldn’t understand what anyone was saying? While you might think Australians speak English, the truth is that we have our very own, very special national language…the language of Australian slang. Want to know why your cabbie was devo after his Henry carked it in the arvo as he did a uey? It’ll all make sense when you come to Australia!

How To Speak Australian
  1. The Sun.

If there’s one thing travellers expect to see when they come to Australia, it’s the sun. And if you’re not travelling to one of our lower states like Victoria or Tasmania (where you can experience four seasons in one day), sun is pretty much a guarantee. Heck, we even named one of our state slogans after all the sun it gets! Queensland – “The Sunshine State” Whether you’re looking for that summer glow or you just want a vitamin D hit, Australia’s got you covered.

  1. The Sport.

There’s sport, and then there’s Australian sport. Just like our rugged, wild landscapes, Australian sport often looks the same. Whether it be in the riotous fields of Australian Rules Football (AFL) or in a backyard cricket game with your mates, Australian sport is not for the faint-hearted. There’s bumps. There’s bruises. But if you’re brave enough to ‘give it a go’ and be barefooted in any game, you’re going to have one ‘ripper’ of a time!

  1. The Study.

We have such a high intake of international students every year that it’s easy to forget you’re in Australia sometimes. But it’s no coincidence that so many are over here. Not only do we have the snacks and sights to fill up your time, but Australia also boasts some of the best universities in the world…and just like our climate, there’s a university to suit every preference and a course to suit every passion.

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So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book that one-way ticket to Australia. It’s an experience you will never forget and never regret.


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