5 Reasons why you should do a DTS this April- It’s Not Too Late!

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It’s still the BEGINNING of the year (kind of)

OK, it might not be the very beginning of the year, but it’s in the earlier portion and what better way than to give God six months of your life before the year gets away from you. Maybe your year is not going how you planned and you really want to make some BIG changes. Sign up for a DTS and you will find space away from the distractions, connect with God, receive encouragement and experience growth and direction in your giftings, callings and passions!


It’s a FAMILY size DTS 

You know how you can buy a pack of Snickers Bars that says “family size” and it really is just the perfect size?! Well, the April DTS is as close-knit, family, fun and adventure kind of deal! This means you don’t just make some good friends, you REALLY get to know people in a deep and intimate way. April also happens to be one of our most internationally diverse quarters – imagine how easy it will be to travel once you know someone from every pocket of the globe!



When it gets to the height of the humid stickiness in Townsville Summer, we like to say: “at least the weather will be nice and cool come Winter” – but I’ve always found it funny as April is still as warm as an English summer! I still consider it tanning weather – warm enough for a swim with the added advantage of being able to roll the windows down and feel the breeze – bliss! Don’t worry, our blue skies and palm trees never disappear and by the time the heat of the Summer approaches in September it will be time to head off on to your next adventure! Peace out!


There’s a lot happening right NOW!!

YWAM Townsville just got a new property slap bang in the middle of the city! There is a lot of space to dream and create right now – you could be part of pioneering a Youth Precinct and thriving community hub for the city of Townsville. We need your help to hear from God and to help shape and flavour how we reach out to people in this city.  Other than that, did you know that we have a medical ship, training campuses in Australia and Papua New Guinea and a radio station here on campus?!



You get to hang out with me! That’s right, you get to make friends with a genuine British person in real life – I’ve even seen the Queen (from a distance). I’m up for an adventure and I love to hang out! I’m all about going hard after God and bringing others along with me. I did my DTS nearly 8 years ago and can’t think of anything else I’d rather be doing with my life. I love seeing young people developing a real connection with God and impacting the lives of others.

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