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Witchetty Grub:

This is an actual grub (bug) and they are said to have a rich nuttly-like flavor. They can be eaten raw or cooked

Sausage Rolls:

This is sausage meat that is rolled inside of a pastry like crust and is eaten with tomato sauce (no… not ketchup)

Iced Vovo:

This is a biscuit with coconut, jam, and marshmallows on top

Kangaroo Tail Soup:

This soup contains celery, onion, carrots, seasonings and of course roo tail.

Vanilla Slice:

This has a pastry like crust (top and bottom) and in the middle it is filled with vanilla, pudding, and icing sugar

Fairy Bread:

Fairy bread is just a slice of white bread, butter swiped on top then sprinkles on top of that for a finish


You will find this dessert at most celebrations. It is meringue based with freshly whipped cream on the top, it has a very light-weighted center, and then added fruits with passion fruit pulp covering the top.


This is a sponge cake that is coated in chocolate and coconut and then sometimes filled with jam.

Seafood Pizza:

This has tasty seafood over tomato sauce and pizza crust with added chili flakes for a “kick”.

Meat Pies:

These are made with having a flaky, crusty, pastry-like outside with meat and gravy filling the inside.

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