DTS Plus

A DTS Plus is an integrated Certificate course designed to equip you with basic skills needed for your life in missions. We offer a range of passion-based options to develop your personal gifts and maximise your effectiveness in ministry. The internship-style training is designed within the context of a dynamic, live-learn environment where you will be getting practical experience from Day 1! Ministry responsibility, mentoring, lectures, online training, and cross-cultural field experience create a learning and development environment that will equip you for life.

DTS Plus

What’s involved?

Step 1:  DTS in your passion area (6 months)
Step 2: Certificate IV in Christian Missions – including modules in your area of passion  (2 years)

Specialise your training

During your DTS Plus, you have the option of choosing from the following focuses:

  • DTS Plus | Health Care
  • DTS Plus | Marine
  • DTS Plus | Youth
  • DTS Plus | Communications
  • DTS Plus | Hospitality
  • DTS Plus | Construction
  • DTS Plus | Event Management
  • DTS Plus | Leadership
  • DTS Plus | Island Breeze
What you’ll walk away with

At the end of the track, you will receive the following qualifications:

  • Certificate III in Discipleship
  • Certificate IV in Christian Missions
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"I’ve always had a dream to work at sea. When the opportunity came up to use my skills as an electrician for a good cause I jumped at it. Working on YWAM Ships has helped me develop my engineering skills and has given me the opportunity to pass on my skills to others."
Matt, New Zealand, Electrician
Matt, New Zealand, Electrician
"I never would’ve had the level of on-the-job training I’ve had here at YWAM. I love the way I’ve been given opportunity at such a young age and worked on projects I’ve only dreamed of."Ryan, Indonesia/New Zealand, Public Relations & Communications
Ryan, Indonesia/New Zealand, Public Relations & Communications
"I’ve used my coaching degree and passion for sports to disciple and champion young people."Matt, USA, DTS Leader
Matt, USA, DTS Leader
"Working as our immigration and training administrator I’ve learned to read and understand legislation and legal requirements to help write policies and assessments so that we can run schools. It has been an incredible journey and I’m blessed to work with people that stand behind me and really believe in me."Helene, Norway, Training Admin
Helene, Norway, Training Admin